Endodontic Therapy (Root Canal Treatment)

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Having a root canal done on a tooth is the treatment of choice to save a tooth that otherwise would die and have to be removed

At the center of your tooth, the soft pulp tissue of veins, nerves, and connective tissues are located where they provide nutrients to the tooth. When this dental pulp becomes infected, Dr. Katarzyna Sekowska may recommend a root canal therapy to heal your tooth. Root canal treatment is a process where our dentist removes the infected pulp, cleans the tooth thoroughly, and seals the tooth. Root canal therapy may be necessary if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Severe toothache
  • Prolonged tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Discoloration of a tooth
  • Inflammation and pain in the gums
  • A pimple on the gums that will not go away

There are several things that can damage the dental pulp, including:

  • Deep decay
  • Repeated dental treatments on the tooth
  • A large dental filling in the tooth
  • A chip or crack in the tooth
  • Oral or facial trauma
Dr Sekowska Dentist

Dr. Katarzyna Sekowska is one of the best dentists to give you a root canal treatment.
She will perform this procedure with your comfort in mind, helping you to feel as relaxed as possible.

Nervous patients don’t need to feel anxious when they visit our dental practice for root canal therapy. We make it our goal to keep you happy and your smile healthy during this procedure.
At KS Dental Office, we are fully aware of the hectic demands on your time. In light of this, we have structured our office hours to enable you to schedule an appointment at a convenient time.